Greater Lansing Area Race Series

Due to the uncertainty of the remainder of the racing season, the GLARS committee has decided to cancel the race series for this year.

We encourage you all to continue running for fun and fitness. This is a perfect time to increase your mileage, try new routes, hit the trails, run through neighborhoods, or start an in home workout program to enhance your running.

Many of the GLARS races have gone virtual and imagine the advantages of that! You can start at whatever time of day suits you best, use your own restroom facility, and run your own custom designed course. Also, by signing up for a virtual race you are supporting the charities that are the beneficiaries of that race. For that they all thank you!

The 2021 edition will be the best ever!

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Presented By Sparrow and Physicians Health Plan

The Greater Lansing Area Race Series is once again proud to be presented by Sparrow and Physicians Health Plan. Both of these organizations help make the Greater Lansing Area a healthier place to live each and every day. To learn how each of these organizations make a difference in our community, please visit their sites.

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The 2020 GLARS Event List!

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Race Series Events

The 2020 Greater Lansing Area Race Series will feature 13 races from the Greater Lansing Area starting in March and ending in late September. When putting together this year's schedule, we attempted to space out the events giving our runners more time to recover between each race. It's still not perfect, but we will continue to make improvements as opportunities arise in the future.

Have an idea on how to improve the schedule? Tell us what you think. Please send us your ideas and suggestions via email using the Contact Us link located at the top of our site.

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Current Standings

Want to know how many points you have earned? Check out the race series standings. There are separate standings for Overall, Masters, Grand Masters, and each Age Group. The race series standings will be updated after each event, usually within 24 hours.

Moving up an Age Group during the Series? Don't worry, any age group points you accumulate will be moved to your new age group standings once you have completed an event in your new Age Group.

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How It Works

Scoring points is simple! Participate in any of the race series events and finish in one of the following categories for your gender:

  • Top 10 Overall
  • Top 10 Overall Masters (40+)
  • Top 10 Overall Grand Masters (50+)
  • Top 5 In Your Age Group

Have more questions regarding the race series? Visit our FAQ page. There we answer common questions people have regarding the Greater Lansing Area Race Series.

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Stop In And Thank Playmakers!

Need gear, training assistance, or help recovering from an injury? Visit Playmakers and help support an organization that continues to support the running community in the Greater Lansing Area. Hard work, dedication, teamwork, positive attitudes, and lots of miles remain at the core of their business. They are firm believers in creating a winning situation for everyone involved: customers, staff, vendors, and the community!

The Buffington Real Estate Group!

Once again The Buffington Real Estate Group will be a sponsor of the Greater Lansing Area Race Series. In today’s real estate market, you need to work with a real estate professional who can be trusted without question. As proud members of the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices network, The Buffington Real Estate Group provides the absolute finest service, dedication, and expertise possible to our clients. Whether you are looking to buy or sell they will help make your home ownership dreams come true. Their website offers a wealth of information on finding and buying a home, and they are always ready to answer any questions you have.

2019 GLARS Standings

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Announcing a new Sponsor!

Dunkin' Donuts. Need to fuel up before or after a race? Use the Dunkin Donuts App to order ahead, pay with your phone, and speed past the line!

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Be sure to join the Greater Lansing Area Race Series Club on Strava this year. Our Club has been set up to help support and motivate fellow runners as they train for the various race series events throughout the year!

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